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Reginald Helm has been in the Engineering/Quality Management / Construction Industry for over 36 years. In 1982, after graduating from the Chicago Vocational H.S., Reginald studied Industrial Engineering at the Industrial Engineering College and Walton Division. In 1983, Reginald was hired as a draftsman/cad-operator position at the Union Special Sewing Machine Corporation. Reginald work on and created detailed drawings of sewing machine parts and equipment. In 1985, Reginald while on a military leave of absence from Union Special, served full term in the United States Air Force. Reginald was trained in Aircraft Systems Repair / Jet Mechanic Specialist on F111 FB as well as A10 Trainers. After returning from the Air Force Reginald returned to Union Special before moving on to Panduit, Motorola and Federal Mogul in Cad Designer / Operator positions. Reginald started a new path in the Quality Management field as the ISO-9000/2000 Management Representative of North America for 6 years. In 2006, Reginald begin his career in Construction Management, at the Will Group, which utilized his skills in cad design and the understanding of critical information in reading drawings to identify work scope. As one of the project managers on the New Kennedy King College, he was responsible for the electrical and low voltage contractors and scope for the entire campus. Reginald was also responsible for the elevator contractors across the entire campus. While serving in this position, it was necessary to understand the cost and pricing associated with construction scope. Reginald begin training in estimating and cost breakdown. The estimating philosophy was not a far stretch from the skills Reginald acquired at the Industrial Engineering College as one of the main bodies of industrial engineering is “Time Study”. Understanding the concepts of time study, identifies each step of an operation to further dissect each associated task. After each task can be identified, it can be assigned a length of time; each length of associated time to a task, can be assigned a cost thus breaking down any labor ratem for any job. The education gathered at the Industrial Engineering College, though not known at the time, became extremely important in developing labor rates for construction estimating.

After completion of the Kennedy King College project, Reginald was assigned to be the Construction Project Manager at CHA for the second phase of the Altgeld Garden Housing facility. While in this position, Reginald began to honed-in his talent as a construction estimator. Its well known throughout the construction industry that to become a quality estimator, its essential to have a wealth of field construction management experience. Reginald went on serving in construction management roles of Construction Management roles with Arcadis for the Public Building Commission program. While in this role, it was required that project managers would also serve as estimators to assist in developing change orders and cost reconciliation. After six years with the program, Reginald began estimating for his own firm created in 2011. After working as Chief and Senior Estimators at private firms, Reginald focused on driving the business for his company at the Preston Chase Consulting Service firm. The name was derived from Reginald’s middle name and his son’s first name. The business focusses on developing cost estimates for construction projects ranging from $100,000 and up. The Preston Chase Consulting firm looks out for the start-up contractors, as well as the well-established general contracting. Preston Chase consulting offers summarized break-downs, forensic break-downs as well as cost per square foot quotes based on building designs. Although every estimator desires a full set of permitted construction drawings, they also realize that many of the best ideas may have been sketched out on a napkin at a bar. This firm is also very well versed on developing conceptual cost estimates from as little as a conversation and/or concept.

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Reginald Preston Helm – CEO / Founder